COMPLETION: inspection

    There was never really any intension to produce a website for this project but I always tend to take progress photos when I do DIY. A lot of the extension pics were to send to my dad as a kind of emailed blog of how I was getting on. My dad taught me to mix concrete at a very early age. When most other children would have been riding bikes and playing football, I was leveling shuttering. He gave me the sack once for stepping in some wet concrete and I have a slight sense that all my emailed photos were maybe trying to prove a point. I didn't really understand what this sack was, but I can vividly remember being mortified that I was going to get one. I was only six.

    finished house extension April 2010: This was the morning of the final inspection by Building Control. Half an hour later the project was officially complete.

    For the "completion of work" inspection everything should be finished. The 30 litres per second extractor fan was installed in the utility room and I had my 17th Edition IEE electrical certificate. There were a few bits and pieces that my building inspector picked up on. There was a bit of wall left in place that was holding up the old kitchen and strictly speaking that should have been taken down, but eventually I was given the final thumbs up.

    temporary doorway April 2010: A 30 litres per second extractor fan was a building regulation requirement for a utility room. The temporary doorway into the glass section can now be filled in.

    Obviously fitting the kitchen will seem like the final act but that needs another big chunk of cash. There is also a wall and gate into the back garden, various outdoor lights and the front drive. Replacing and widening the drive will be quite a mini project in its own right with herringbone clay bricks to match the existing path. The kitchen itself will need the old fireplace re-lining for a wood burning stove and a new oak floor.

    So there are still a few bits and pieces left to do. But today, on a beautiful April morning, the project was officially complete and I would finally be getting that magical Certificate of Completion of Work.

    Certificate of Completion April 2010: A couple of days after the final inspection my Certificate of Completion arrived. Hallelujah!



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