DRIVE: completion

    The herringbone clay paver drive is finally complete so the last act is to re-do the lawn. The lawn had been knocked about during the extension build. There was also very little actual grass. Having put all that effort and expense into the drive it seemed a shame to leave it surrounded by moss and dandelions. We had also moved some borders back so there was bare earth all round the edges.

    new lawn being laid March 2014: The new lawn is installed.

    We had invested in some new shrubs for the borders too so the lawn made a good finishing touch. Again, I looked into the cost and logistics for this and it made good sense to get a team of guys with a tractor to plough the garden and lay new turf. It was all done in a couple of hours.

    The new drive looks great. It needs a bit of weathering to catch up with the old herringbone path but the elements and day to day life have started to do that job for me too…

    new lawn July 2014: After lots of watering the new lawn has settled down.

    And finally somewhere to park the car...

    mini cooper on herringbone drive July 2014: The finished drive in use.



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