STRUCTURE: inspection

    Any structural work needs to be inspected before it is covered. As soon as the props were removed I arranged for my building inspector to come and look at the beams. Building Control were happy that the work had been completed in accordance with the structural engineers specification and I was signed off to carry on with the build. The next inspection would be to look at the roof structure before tiling.

    padstones in the centre October 2008: The pair of padstones in the centre.

    beam October 2008: The brick work above the RSJs was made good once the Acro props and needlesa had been removed.

    padstone at the front October 2008: The padstone at the front with the new lintel over the window. This needed to be installed at the same time as the front padstone.

    padstone at the back October 2008: The padstone at the back by the end of the curb for the glass roof.

    both beams October 2008: Building Control were happy that the padstones and RSJs had been installed as per the approved specifications.



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