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    I have received a lot of emails asking if the herringbone brick drive ever got done, and if so could I post some info. Until now the answer has been a rather frustrating “not yet” but we have finally got this bit completed so I have added a short section to the blog. There is lots of information online about how to install clay pavers, but for the drive we have departed from the DIY route and commissioned a team of professionals to do the donkey work. For our project we needed a very particular herringbone brickwork design plus a wall, some repointing and some bits of remedial work on the old path. They call this type of work “hard landscaping” which includes patios, decking, retaining walls, fencing, paths, etc., so we wanted to find someone who did more than just tarmac and block paving.

    finished drive with herringbone clay pavers March 2014: The finished herringbone drive.

    Interestingly, although is aimed at people who might be contemplating a DIY extension project of their own, I get a surprising amount of correspondence from visitors who are planning to commission builders to do the work but who want to have a better understanding of the process. There are also people who want to take the middle way and project manage their self-build without doing the actual building work.

    This was essentially a project managed endeavour. Apart from the design for the herringbone, the drive and fences were installed by other people but I have still documented the process with some step by step photos.

    old broken up drive October 2009: The old broken up drive during the build.

    The original drive got well and truly trashed during the build, particularly when the gas and water supplies were being upgraded. We never liked the original crazy paving so no tears were shed when it got broken up. The old path to the front door and the paths at the back of the house are all laid with herringbone clay pavers and it was a long standing plan that eventually we would re-do the drive to match.

    herringbone path July 2014: The orinal herringbone path at the front.



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