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    All new electrical installations require a 17th Edition IEE certificate. You can replace an existing fitting like a plug socket or junction box but anything new needs to be certified by an approved electrician. You can do the actual work yourself but someone still needs to test everything for certification. The wiring happens in two steps, before and after the plastering. There is the "first fit" for all the cabling and back boxes etc and then the "second fit" for all the fittings. We got the same guys back who did the rendering on the outside to do the plastering. The plan for the wiring included lots of contingencies for various future wiring projects.

    ceiling down April 2010: The old plaster ceiling in the outside loo and coal cupbaord needed removing to allow for the wiring. The thick grey pipe is the temporary water supply to the old kitchen.

    first fit wiring April 2010: The first fit wiring before the plaster. The section on the right is for the boiler, with switch and plug socket above the worktop.

    plaster April 2010: The plasterers came the next day. Having people on consecutive days is always a bit tight. If something goes wrong it stuffs everything.

    consumer unit April 2010: Second fit wiring. The consumer unit has plenty of spare capacity so this will also serve the kitchen when we get to that bit.

    17th Edition IEE certificate April 2010: All new electrical installations require a 17th Edition IEE certificate. I would need to give a copy of this to the building inspector.



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