DRAINS: backfilling

    Backfilling was quick and easy. Another delivery of gravel and a bit of shoveling and it was done. The side path would also eventually get concreted with curbs round drains on all three sides. These are a standard size and available from builder's merchants. The only odd extra task that I did at this stage was to install some ducting in the trench. This would be for some wiring to the garden in the future. I wanted to take advantage of the digging that was needed at various stages of the extension and make provision for some cabling at a later date. To comply with current regulations, electric cable needs to be sleeved and buried at a depth of 450 mm. There also needs to be a yellow marker tape above (£4.99 from Screwfix). All new electrical installations need 17th Edition IEE certification, including stuff for the garden.

    10 mm gravel July 2008: There needed to be another 100 mm layer of the 10 mm gravel to protect the pipes.

    10 mm gravel July 2008: The trench at the side with it's 100 mm covering of 10 mm gravel.

    ducting for underground cable July 2008: We also installed some ducting for future garden wiring. This was the "caution electric cable below" marker tape that goes above.

    curb round the drain June 2009: The curb round the drain. This was taken after the path was finally concreted down the side of the house.

    concreted path June 2009: The width of the path was based on getting a large wheelie bin passed the drain curb.



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