WALLS: openings

    All new windows have to be double glazed. This applies to replacing an old victorian sash in an existing house as well as windows in a new build or extension. You are also limited by energy efficiency regulations about the amount of glass that can now be used in a building. The only openings we were allowed were the back door and the window to the utility. The existing back door to the house was rather beautiful, with painted tongue and groove panels. It would just need to be slightly enlarged to fit a standard size hardwood doorframe in the new wall. For our window at the front we wanted to copy the small loo window and shutter on the other side of the house.

    existing loo window August 2008: The existing loo window and shutter. The new window would mirror this on the other side of the breakfast room.

    I commissioned a local carpenter to make my window and shutter. He came over to look at the existing windows and I gave him a drawing from which to work. I also lent him a shutter to copy. The window itself would be slightly thicker than the originals to allow for the double glazing units. The hardwood window and shutter, including the double glazing, was £525. I thought this was pretty good value. I could probably have just about managed to do this myself but it would have taken me forever. I also don't really have the tools or facilities. Carpentry isn't my strongest suit.

    window drawing June 2008: This is the drawing we gave to our carpenter. We also lent him the shutter from the loo window to copy.

    hardwood window and frame August 2008: The hardwood window and frame. The drainpipe in the corner will be going to make way for the roof structure.

    doorframe August 2008: The doorframe and door are just off the peg from B&Q. The walls in the doorway were finished with cavity closers.

    doorframe top August 2008: The cavity closer and catnic lintel at the top of the door frame.

    weep hole August 2008: One of the weep holes over the door to allow any condensation to drain away.



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