WALLS: plate

    The roof plate itself is just a a piece of 100 x 50 mm C16 timber with a simple half lap joint on the corner (easily cut with a hand saw). The C16 bit refers to the European classes for strength graded softwood. The grade (usually C16 or C24) will be stamped on the side of the wood. You can also get treated C16 which looks slightly green and has been pressure coated with preservative. The plate needs to be bedded on mortar and screwed or coach bolted down to hold it in place. There are also straps that need to be added as part of the roof structure. These are metal strips that tie the main roof structure securely down to the walls. It's important to select a a good straight piece of timber for your roof plate. Any slight twist or bow will cause problems when you come to getting the rafters level.

    corner of wall plate May 2009: The wall plate is fitted together with a half lap joint on the corner and screwed down on a bed of mortar.

    inside top May 2009: The finished wall at the utility end of the extension.



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