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    There were two obstacles to the progress of the drive. Firstly there was the cost of the pavers and then there was the fence. The fence on the side by the drive belongs to our next door neighbour and they are responsible for it’s upkeep. Obviously we needed to get this very tatty old fence replaced before we could install the drive but this would involve some negotiations. The fence on the other side (our fence) was also falling down so we wanted to try and get them both replaced at once with a matching pair. Anyone who has dealt with neighbours and fences will appreciate the magnitude of this proposition!

    old fence and the broken up drive January 2014: The original old fence and the broken up drive.

    The quotes we got for the fences varied considerably. We usually go for about three quotes when we commission something and try and include one from an expensive looking outfit as well as the local man-with-a-van. It’s also important to make sure that you are very specific with your proposed project so the quotes are like for like. We wanted concrete posts and gravel boards (the horizontals along the bottom) to give the fence a bit of longevity. The fence itself was to be closed board with a capping on top. Make sure the quote specifies the heights of the fence and the materials. Also, be clear about who is responsible for removing and disposing of the old fence.

    Another reason to be clear about what is included in the quotes is to make sure you add all the extras in at the start. Get as much done in one go as possible and you will usually get a better deal. We also wanted a side gate to match the fence so we got everyone to quote for that too. Check which fittings will be included if you are getting a gate. Make sure you get a written quote that makes it clear if VAT will be added on at the end. We went with one of the pricier contractors in the end and it was in part because they gave us a very specific quote that itemised everything down to the last gate latch.

    closed board fence February 2014: The closed board fence. There will also be a side gate to match.



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